Town of Troy Mission Statement

The Town of Troy is committed to partnering with our community, local businesses,
regional and national partners to provide and deliver the highest level of service,
plan and  invest for the future, while preserving the town's history in order to
protect and enhance the quality of life for all of its citizens.


Culture of Respect and Excellence:  We will respect all members of the public and each other, as members of this organization, with respect and courtesy.  We, as an organization, will continue to uphold the highest level of service delivery, ethical standards, and professionalism.  The organization will continue its efforts to look for innovative ways to provide services in order to meet the needs of our citizens.

Accountability:  We as an organization, will accept full responsibility for our organizational decisions and actions.  We will continue to offer and deliver as many services as we can to all citizens, doing so in the most cost-effective and efficient manner, in order to maintain strong financial stability and the highest quality of life for all of our citizens.

Communication:  We will openly communicate with the public and each other in order to achieve the overall goals of the organization, which is the highest service delivery and quality of life that we can provide in the most cost effective and efficient means necessary.

Preservation:  We will partner with our community, businesses, and state and federal agencies to protect our natural, historic, economic, and aesthetic resources in order to preserve and protect these assets for future generations.

Safety:  We will use education, prevention, technology, and enforcement methods to protect life and property throughout the entire community and to ensure the safest and best quality of life for all citizens.