The Town of Troy believes in protecting the rights of property owners, promoting quality of life, and preserving the aesthetic values of the Town. The Zoning Ordinance is a tool that we use to accomplish this.
Aerial Zoning Photo
Zoning Permit Instructions
A Zoning Permit is required to obtain a building permit from the county when placing any new structures on a property, or when a new business, institution, or industry is opened or exchanging ownership.

Permit Application
Please fill out the name, address, and telephone number of the Owner or Contractor, the purpose and location that pertains to the permit, and put your signature beside Applicant Signature. The date and other information will be filled in by the Zoning Administrator. Please bring the permit to the Troy Town Hall along with a map of the property, and any improvements that will be made. Zoning Permits are $35, payable after the Zoning Administrator has studied your application, and deems it in compliance with the Zoning Ordinance.

Sign Permit

A Sign Permit is required for business signs, bulletin boards, and instructional signs. Please fill out the Owners name, the contractor, the location, and the dimensions, and bring it to the Troy Town Hall. A picture of the sign showing the placement on the property, as well as the dimensions, may be required before the Sign Permit can be approved by the Zoning Administrator. Sign Permits are $35.